Sept Francisco Moreno

September’s Exhibit Of Francisco Moreno Photography

Francisco Moreno shared this with us  “I’ve always asked myself what the purpose of art is. I have learned that art allows for a better life and humanizes us because art is an essential part of a person. in these works, I attempt to use a language with the image to produce meaning. This meaning creates a dialog with which we communicate among us. The communication it creates is one of the most important aspects that take place when standing before a work of art. The works I selected for this exhibition are the most stunning. Perhaps viewers will feel that these works are not beautiful or lack meaning, but they may awaken the need to converse.”

Francisco Moreno and his wife Virginia are both retired city employees of the Douglas Post Office.

“I lived in Douglas for 24 years and moved to Tucson after retiring,” he said. “I graduated from the University of Arizona with a fine arts degree. For me, photography is just another media to create. My last exhibition was in 2020 at the University of Arizona Museum of Art. Due to the pandemic, it was a virtual exhibit and viewed by many countries around the world. This exhibition was called ‘Picturing 2020: A Community Reflects.’ A picture of this exhibit, titled ‘Mardi Gras,’ is currently on display at The Gallery.

Francisco says the exhibit at The Gallery consists of three groups of photos: retrospective, iPhone, and the use of a super telephoto lens, creating varied, interesting images.

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