December Last Supper Museum

Eric Braverman exhibited his collection called “Last Supper Museum” The exhibit includes more than 55 last supper depictions and is guarded by two suits of armor.

“I was born in Buffalo, New York, but have lived my whole adult life in Phoenix until I moved down here to the Douglas area,” he said. “We consider this place ‘The Disneyland of the Wilderness.’ I’ve been to Portal many times as well as the other side of Ramsey Canyon because I was in caving with the National Forest Service. When Phoenix got to be too much for me (I lived in a farming area), I wanted to relocate to the safest place with the best weather in America, and that’s the Douglas area. We moved here in March.”

Braverman recently purchased the old pharmacy building on the corner of 11th Street and G Avenue that up until a few months ago was a flower shop. He said while walking around town and getting to know people, he stopped by The Gallery and was informed that it did not have a show for December.

“So, I offered to share my collection of my Last Supper Museum,” he said. “I started collecting Last Supper displays in 1972 after seeing a very scary Last Supper in a wax museum in Phoenix. And now I have the largest and most noted collection in the world. I hope to put it downtown and help augment things like Art Car World, which is a world-class museum that not enough people know about. Most of these ideas come from the art world itself.”

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